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Honor Guard

 Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service Honor Guard


The Honor Guard of the Tuscaloosa Fire & Rescue Service was established in 1997 following the death of firefighter Trey Gross during a training exercise. In the wake of the tragedy, the department recognized the need for a ceremonial group trained in proper procedures and protocol for honoring fallen firefighters and their families.


Since that time, the Honor Guard’s role has expanded to serve the community and the fire department as a visual reminder of the contributions and traditions of the fire service.


 The members represent the department in a positive display of professionalism and patriotism. They provide the ceremonial colors for many events including parades, dedication ceremonies, graduations and funerals.


 The Honor Guard is voluntary with no compensation other than the good feeling of knowing they are helping families of fellow firefighters in their time of greatest need. When stress is high and dignity is critical, the presence of the Honor Guard has brought comfort to many.


Honor Guard members are: Russ Blake, Quinton Brown, Kevin Burgess, Seth Hudson, Keith Hyche, Marty McElroy, Derrick Riddle, Jeff Stewart 


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